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Kynseed Walkthrough and Guide All 4 Parts

Kynseed is a sandbox RPG adventure life sim brought to you by PixelCount Studios. Live your life in a quirky world where everyone ages and dies, including your pets. Take control of the mystical Kynseed and grow your family legacy over generations as you pass your skills and powers down to your children. When you die, step into the shoes of your children and continue your legacy.

Go adventuring in dangerous regions and battle dark faery tale creatures. Find proverbs to unlock the secrets of each ingredient, creature and inhabitant of a place where folk tales are all true. Gather materials to create better items, craft beers, or to mix cures for a range of bizarre maladies that sometimes afflict the simple people of the land.

Live your lives the way you choose in a lovingly hand-crafted 2D open world. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Kynseed Walkthrough Part 1:

Kynseed Walkthrough Part 2:

Kynseed Walkthrough Part 3:

Kynseed Walkthrough Part 4:

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