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Solitude – Escape of Head Walkthrough Part 1 to 2

Solitude – Escape of Head is an indie adventure game developed by Threear.Vision. Emilie’s youngest brother, has locked himself in his mind after the accident. His mind is actually an imaginary world where there are many riddles and obstacles on the way of those who would want to enter. Emilie has to go to the imaginary world where she get special abilities and skills which she must use to find her brother and save him.

The only reason she does it is to get him back to the reality. She must tell him that everything that has happened to him is nothing more than just an accident, an occasional event and no one wants to hurt him, no one wants to harm. It’s just the life, having admitted the reality he may finally accept the life.

The game features a variety of locations and with its unique atmosphere. With the help of a magic crystal, you can go back in time for a couple of seconds. Start your adventure with puzzles, search of artifacts and platformer elements. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Solitude – Escape of Head Walkthrough Part 1:

Solitude – Escape of Head Walkthrough Part 2:

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