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JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 All Jumpscares, Extras, Good and Bad Endings

Jolly 3 Chapter 2 is the second half of Jolly 3 which should take place directly after Night 5. All we know is that you are tasked with taking an animatronic out of the building with you as an artifact. Your job isn’t finished just yet. You must spend another five nights in this horrid facility. But this time, an atrocious discovery has yet to be made.

In the main Night phase, you have to survive in a office from 12 to 6 AM. You have a camera panel split into four quadrants of cameras, only allowing you to focus on a couple of them at a time. Turning around, you can use the Matienence panel.

After surviving the first half of the night, your shift isn’t over. At home, you have to decrypt 10 files on your computer in a similar style to FNaF:SL Night 2. Select a file and it will automatically decrypt as long as you’re sitting at your computer.

Behind you, a window, hallway door, and bathroom door will become unlocked at random. When they do, you have to run to the door, and listen for breathing. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 All Jumpscares:

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 All Extras:

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 Good Ending:

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 Bad Ending:

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