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World of Demons Walkthrough Chapter 1 Part 1 to 2

World of Demons is a high-quality hack-and-slash action RPG developed by DeNA Corp. You will experience intense sword-based combat in single-and multi-player game modes as you fight to liberate ancient Japan from demonic hordes.

The game takes place in a fantastic interpretation of medieval Japan in which Oni have taken over the human world. The previously docile Yokai have been corrupted by the Oni and have begin attacking humans as well. Only the brave Samurai dare to stand up to the threat of the Oni.

Step into the shoes of multiple powerful Samurai as you experience World of Demons’ world-class combat. Take direct control of your character and perform sword slashes, dodges, parries, and finishing moves. Call on your Yokai Minions to support you in battle with elemental buffs, attack spells, and support techniques. Use every tool at your disposal to defeat giant bosses and demonic Oni henchmen.

Defeat the Oni masters and save the world in the Skirmish story mode. Pick your strongest upgraded Yokai Minions and take on other players to reach high rankings in the Yokai Showdown competitive arena mode. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

World of Demons Walkthrough Chapter 1 Part 1:

World of Demons Walkthrough Chapter 1 Part 2:

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