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Fishing Joy 2 Walkthrough and Skills Description

As a great leisure game, Fishing Joy 2 became popular in the world very  quickly. This game not only enrich the original fishing elements, but also greatly improve the intelligence of fish, challenging and interesting are stronger. Today we will show you the skills and strategy to beat the game Fishing Joy 2.

Guide for New Player

If a game wants players to learn how to play the game quickly, it will contains a design exquisite new guidelines. Of course Fishing Joy 2 has this guide. After a player start the game, if you have no foundation on fishing games, you can follow the new guidelines. It will makes you be familiar with the game quickly and become a new fisher.

Luxuriant and Glaring New Fishing Scene

Colorful coral group is the first scene of Fishing Joy 2 game. The screen of the game is fantastic, it is formed with blue sea and colorful fishes. Fishes were not killed by a shot from your gun will be quickly dodge to avoid the next attack.  Fishes have turned their gorgeous animation, compared to continue to dull swim drag, it has more rich moving feelings. For the players, killing a fish in each bullet will be the key thing to communicate with other people.

Rich Variety of Ten Kinds of Guns

Fishing Joy 2 starts with level 1, level 3, level 4 and level 8 four kinds of guns to shot against the fish. Level 1 is a single machine gun, level 3 is a blue blue, level 4 is a green gun and level 8 is purple spheroidal shells, each has different damage and attack range. But along with the player levels of ascension, the other levels of shells also will be unlocked. Level 2 gun is a double tube machine gun, level 5 gun is a laser beam has his unique attack animation and strong attack effect.

A Variety of Card Magic Reward

Fishing joy 2 allows the card rewards model. You have the chance to get card rewards if you catch any fish. Cards will be accumulated in the lower left corner  of the screen. Click on the card can trigger card effects, volcanic card can form at the bottom of the outbreak of the volcano, kill all the fish to swim across the volcano in a second; Lucky shell card giving the player a chance to draw step by step to obtain the rich reward, but once smoke to crab, lucky draw will end; If trigger cyclotron dart card, the screen will be a ejection of the cyclotron dart to help players fishing, always be cyclotron dart impact of fish will all  turned into gold.

Ratio Artifact to Collect Money and Upgrade

The emergence of the range, the rapid upgrade for the player, provide the possibility to get more gold. Ratio, is adjustment experience and gold ratio of the device, after adjustment for shell level plus the right. When the player reaches level 20, he will receive 100 times ratio, imagine a gun attack there will be hundreds of thousands of gold income, the game pleasure will quickly ascension.

Upgrade Gifts, the More the Better

Upgrade is still the most exciting moment in the game. In addition to the rich gold award, get gold cap ascension beyond online , more powerful to release more powerful shell type and more advanced ratio. There are more achievements title is according to the players level of ascension of the release.

Get Awards Online and Share

Every day, players have the opportunity to get the gold for free. The upper limit of gold increased ascension according to the players level. After the fifth consecutive get rewards, you will meet the big lucky wheel. If you are lucky enough, then you will get higher reward.

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