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Hidden Hotel Walkthrough and Gameplay

Hidden Hotel is an amazing adventure game from WhaleApp LTD. Search for items in colorful scenes to renovate and decorate your grandfather’s beautiful hotel. Unlock new intriguing chapters, investigate and look for clues in an exciting story along the way.

Find out the truth about strange occurrences and accidents involving the guests and the hotel staff. Meet many interesting characters, but remember they have secrets which you will have to reveal.

Discover all of the secrets in the beautiful rooms, corridors, and surrounding areas of a hotel located in beautiful Miami. Figure out the secrets of interesting characters with different stories and relationships, and interact with them. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

27 Replies to “Hidden Hotel Walkthrough and Gameplay”

  1. My game is frozen twice in the same place…it wont open…past the part where they ste ready to change the couch…I’ve really enjoyed the game….but in frustrated it wont go any futher

  2. Hi why am i not earning anymore stars even though i am winning levels? I am in the dressing room area. Thank you.

  3. Really enjoyed this game but it is frozen …..ready to replace the couch but it has been stuck on 92 percent for 3 days.

  4. My game has a beige screen when trying to play. I also had up access which has gone. Please advise

  5. You can earn just money and find items for your collection, but you will not earn anymore Stars in the area. You can only earn 10 stars per area.

  6. I claimed a collection and did not realize I earned the next star. When I went to task, it moved to next day and re-upped my energy. But my collection already awarded me 80. So although my energy refilled completely, I was robbed of the 80 extra energy…grrrr

  7. Top player game keeps messing up and not recording highest score. Eg one of mine says 12…. I just got 24… I’ve had 15 and 18 today since 12.

    Also I have no idea what all the batteries power ups etc mean. Food is too expensive ti keep me here. Can’t earn oins quick enough

  8. Just to make sure… you haven’t yet reached 10 stars in the area?
    Each area maxxes out at 10 stars, after that you can still play the area to earn extra cash, but no more stars.

  9. It won’t let me into the movie theater. It freezes. I tried multiple times. Please help!!!

  10. It’s not allowing anyone to join my club. And I can’t join any 1 day clubs. How can I fix this?

  11. Who or how do I contact whoever owns this game about in-app purchases? I purchased two starter packs and didn’t receive either!
    I would of thought that info would be in the settings part of the game, like most iOS games but it isn’t, I don’t see any way to contact them.

  12. I love the concept of the game, but it takes to long to earn a star. I want to decorate the rooms, at this rate I’ll be playing it for 50 years. I don’t think people will stick with it. I do hate the silowwette pictured puzzles.

  13. Been playing this game from a while. Really like it but doesnt explain items you win and how to use them. Like the lantern? What is it ,where is it after you win it and how the heck do you use it?

  14. The lantern is to highlight an item if you desperately need help. Only press on it if you really have to as they are hard to come by. The annoying thing is with them being on the bottom right hand corner of the screen is that you can accidentally press on it by accident and lose them. This must change as I do it so often it’s infuriating lol 🤣

  15. When i get extra energy it just adds on. So like i have a 110 limit. And if i get extra it gives it to me like I’ve had 120/110 before

  16. I’ve been playing for a while and love it but I still don’t know what the coloured bars do. Can you help?

  17. I hope someone can help. Before you start a room there is an item in a magnifying glass. For example, in the reception is an A. I have beating all the 10 starts of the level, but how do you find that A for the bonus?

  18. The colored bars keep your combo score maxed out, even if you’re finding things slowly. It’s great to use at the beginning levels of new scenes while you learn your way around it.

  19. I have a question about collection chargers… I’ve found alarm clocks in hidden scene searches, but no cards or batteries… Do those have to be purchased, or do they eventually show up in searches like the clocks?

  20. The A just means you’re searching by item name. You also see a shadow for searching by shape, or a feather duster for searching cobwebs (or moss in the aquarium).

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