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Carrot Fantasy Desert Theme Walkthrough Level 8, 9, 10 Golden Carrot

Carrot Fantasy is a new IOS tower defense game, it has been top 1 in the App Store list for a period of time. It is more and more popular among the players, even more popular than Plants vs Zombies.

Lots of players show their achievements and golden carrot, but we found it is not easy to get golden carrot in some levels of Desert Theme, you need more skills and strategies. Here we show you the solution for level 8, 9 and 10, our goal is to collect all the objects and get the golden carrots.

Desert Theme Level 8: 30 Waves Monsters

The difficulty of this stage is that the route of monsters is shorter and is basically around the map peripheral, for initial keep radish not chew  is really difficult. . So our strategy is to place suns Which can group attacking near the entrance of the monsters and keep upgrading them.

Later, buy some planes decisively. Planes can provide the group of attacking, and its attacking strength is bigger. After we collect the hidden objects in the central position of the map, what we need to do is to place four to five frozen stars at the position of route interval, upgrade them if you get any coins.

In the last level, we suggest you selling the towers near the entrance of the monsters when the monsters go to the central of the map. Upgrade the weapons at the end of the route with the coins you got. Then you will get the golden carrot easily.

Desert Theme Level 9: 20 Waves Monsters

The route of the monsters is indirect, but we can choose only three weapons(shit, poison needle and plane), and there are few positions to place weapons. So at the beginning of the game we need to place lots of planes at the left side of the map.

In this level hidden weapons are random, if you are lucky enough then you can get frozen stars, which will help a lot. Upgrade any weapons can slow the monsters quickly, then take the group attacking with your planes. In the middle term of the level you need to place the poison needle decisively, upgrade them if you have more coins. Rockets are also very important, they are at the bottle of the map so do not forget to upgrade them.

The most important thing in this level is the action at the beginning of the level.

Desert Theme Level 10: 25 Waves Monsters

Many players said it easy to finish the level but difficult to get the golden carrot. The reason is that there are few positions to place weapons, and you have no coins. So what we need to do is to destroy the stones behind the poison needle before the third wave of monsters coming. At the same time we need to ensure that the second wave monsters   were all annihilated.

If you eliminated the first six waves of monsters, then you only need to get the hidden weapons at the middle term of the level. You will find the planes are great, they are powerful to kill the persistent monsters. Froze the boss at the final of the level, sell the weapons near the entrance and upgrade your weapons at the end of the route. You need to be more patient in this level, maybe you need to try it for several times.

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2 Replies to “Carrot Fantasy Desert Theme Walkthrough Level 8, 9, 10 Golden Carrot”

  1. about lvl10 even w/o monsters your towers need 4-5+!!!!!!!! waves to destroy the rock behind poison needle, the only thing you can do, but again it’s pointless, because you cannot complete the stage with full health is to build the blue like flower tower in top left of the map among the cactuses

  2. about lvl10: even without monsters your towers need 4-5+!!!!! waves to destroy the rock behind the poison needle and no matter what you try you cannot complete the level with full health, the only way to beat it is to play an edition where you don’t need like infinite time to destroy any object, because your towers do almost zero dmg to the objects

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