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Trivia Crack Questions And Answers For All Categories

Trivia Crack has been the most popular quiz game and app in various devices, it gives you a chance to test your knowledge and challenge your friends to prove you are the smarter guy.
The game features 6 categories, they are Art, Entertainment, Geography, History, Science and Sports.


Seldom people could beat all the categories in one try, sometimes you will be stuck on a question and cannot continue with the game. If you want to be the Trivia Crack king, or you want to beat your friends, or you just need to know the answer of the question, you could check out our complete list of answers to all categories.
Our list of quetions and answers contains most of them, but we are not sure they contain all of the answers, because questions in Trivia Crack game are constant updated.
Check out our list of answers by category and you will know the answer of most questions. If you want to find the answer quickly, just go to the category and then press CTRL+F keys and search the question.


Trivia Crack Answers Category Art


Trivia Crack Answers Category Entertainment


Trivia Crack Answers Category Geography


Trivia Crack Answers Category History


Trivia Crack Answers Category Science


Trivia Crack Answers Category Sports

3 Replies to “Trivia Crack Questions And Answers For All Categories”

  1. thank you!! there’s this question i couldn’t figure out and i went here to get it thank you so much for the hard work on doing this and getting the answers

  2. I want to know why there is the pig always a showing, but you have to pay real money to get the rewards. I don’t want to pay, so how can I get rid of this pig?

  3. venia jugando preguntado y estaba ya en el nivel 285 y hace ya varios días que no puedo entrar a jugar , dejo aclarado que venia jugando gratis , desde ya muchas gracias por su atención , sepan disculpar la
    molestia y espero lo puedan solucionar. atte norberto

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